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Smart Phones Instead of Devices

Smart Phones Instead of Devices

We plan to enter the subject with a very different perspective...

I think many people do not have a home phone, including me, and more importantly, we do not know the numbers of our children, spouses, parents, siblings. We do not walk up or down the stairs. There is no need to explain why.
Of course, when technology is viewed from a different perspective, there are places where the benefits are not as much.

Among the parts that technology provides us with a significant advantage is to ensure the reduction of costs. While we have been doing a lot of work with different devices, we are now able to do all of them with a single technological device.

With Smart Phones, we can now carry out our operations without the need for a camera, camera, game console, calculator, notebook and many other external devices.

When this is the case, of course, what more can be done with smart phones and what benefits do these things make, people are constantly in search and waiting ... 
When we started to think about what we can do and how we can benefit with what we do, we actually saw what we would do, what sectors needed and were looking for, we knew ...

There was a large collection of external devices against the product (software) we were going to make. These devices were of very different shapes and designs, working directly wired to computers and occupying large areas in the areas where they were used. Of course, there were smaller ones, but again, they needed a computer for use.

Imagine ... You are at the airport and you are under passport control. You are in front of the officer and you are extending your passport. The attendant places your passport on the device and checks your information from the computer. Well, if the transaction is not so! When you extend your passport to the attendant, the clerk will scan your passport with a contactless way with your smartphone or tablet, even if he completes the reading process in seconds, and even if the clerk does not follow you with a cold facial expression as if you are the same person with the picture on the passport, and this process is again with your smartphone or tablet. if I did...
Actually, what do we say we have the opportunity to offer more?
It is really exciting that Mobile Transformation and the emergence of fast processes that make life easier, error-free transactions, and many more things can be done only with smartphone tablets and software!

The airport example may seem like an extreme example, but many scenarios where our identity documents and passports are used continue to be in our lives. These benefits brought by Mobile Transformation will continue to evolve. You will even be able to open your own account without waiting in the bank. Moreover, without a bank customer ... You will be able to add more value to your valuable time. 

NFCRead is a Turkish Software and a Native National initiative. 
Every product we make, make and do will be revealed in line with the needs and will continue to be released.

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NFCREAD works without the need for a server, no additional server costs. All operations, scanning and reading steps are done on the device.

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