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The questions and answers that you wonder were created for you to get more detailed information.

NFCREAD is a Mobile Passport and ID Card scanning and reading application. It allows you to read the information easily and quickly in seconds.

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and can be used in many operations with your suggestions.

Yes, it can be used on all phones with Android operating system and MinSDK 24.(If u need MinSDK 21 Please Contact) Must have camera feature on Android phones. In this way, you can scan your Passport and ID.

If your Android device has NFC feature, you can also get the information from the Chip after OCR.

The required Android version must be 5.0 and above. Download

Yes, IOS version required for NFC feature must be 13+ and iPhone 7+. To use the OCR feature, support is provided for devices with iOs 11+ operating system.

Requires iOS version 13+ and iPhone 7+. Download

It provides data entry 30 times faster than manually entering an identity or passport information.

Accuracy rate was found to be 99% in test and real environments.

NFCREAD works without the need for a server, without additional server costs. All operations, scanning and reading steps are done on the device.

Forget the manual and incorrect data entry.
Get our NFCREAD app. Enjoy fast and error-free operation. You can contact us to integrate into your own applications. Your feedback about your NFCREAD experience is important to us. If you encounter an obstacle during use, please contact us. This app is used on iOS 13+ and iPhone7 + devices.

NFCREAD automatically scans and verifies the MRZ area on the front of the Passports, simultaneously detects the photo on the front of the Passport and completes the scanning process.

When the scanning process is finished, you also have the opportunity to read the Chip with NFC to take the Biometric photo and to ensure that the information is received accurately and more accurately. (To be able to read with NFC on iPhone devices, use the screen section of the device, face-up) Click the NFC button for chip reading and move the front or back cover sections of your Passport closer to the NFC section of the device. NFC will open automatically and begin reading.

You can also scan passports without a chip feature. The accuracy of the information is ensured by MRZ verification. The application also gives warnings such as the validity date of the passport and the last 6 months to the expiration date of the passport. At the same time, the photograph on the Passport is detected and taken directly off. You can also use the picture of the Passport page scanned during these procedures, you will notice this during the scan. The count of passport MRZ lines is 2 lines.

View the MRZ section of Chip ID Cards with your camera and wait for the scan to start automatically. MRZ scanning is completed after the automatic scan begins. This process is very fast and practical. Then click the NFC button to do the Chip reading process with NFC; so you can have more information and take the biometric photo.

With this app in demo feature mode, we show only data. And we give you the opportunity to share Biometric photos. If you would like to integrate and use our NFCREAD Application in the applications you use or in your own software, please contact us.

Yes, it can be used, all Apple iPad models produced so far do not have NFC capability. However, we are adding NFC feature to your device with the mini bluetooth apparatus we are developing. In this way, you can easily use it on your Apple iPad devices. For detailed information, please click here.

Yes available, we include NFC feature on your device with the external mini Bluetooth apparatus we have developed for Android tablets without NFC feature. In this way, if your Android tablet has Bluetooth feature, you can use it easily. For detailed information, please click here.

Yes, we can make our application available to you in a way that is private to you. You can contact us for this.

You can be comfortable about this, no information is stored by us.

We have been working on many passports and ID cards worldwide. And all of them have been experimented with, and every passing day the number of these trials is increasing. Our studies on passport and identity cards of different standards and certificates are continuing.

Download NFCREAD

NFCREAD works without the need for a server, no additional server costs. All operations, scanning and reading steps are done on the device.

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