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NFCREAD is a mobile application that will make it easy for you to scan and read e-Passport and Chip ID Cards.

IOS and Android, OCR, MRZ, NFC PASSPORT and Id Card reader.

iPhone & Android Phones,iPad & Android Tablet, OCR/ MRZ/ NFC

NFCREAD is a mobile application that will make it easy for you to scan and read e-Passport Reader and Chip ID Cards.

More than 200+ passports and Id cards have been scanned
in almost 19 countries all over the world.

It has scanned 800K passports and ID cards for 3 years and completed reading the chip. NFCRead performs an average of 150K passport and identity readings annually.

  • Pakistan
  • Japan
  • Iran
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Germany
  • Morocco
  • Turkey
  • Arabia
  • USA
  • Canada


In face-to-face transactions, NFCRead is used by employees to read and verify the identity document of someone in front of them; For example, an employee who checks the identity of someone on the street can use it anywhere, using ios or Android phones that meet the requirements without expensive and detailed special hardware. It does not require training and provides a perfect entry of personal information.


(Fraud) No training is required to detect fake identity documents.

Hardware is a mobile solution that doesn't need special hardware.

No manual entry is required: fast and seamless entry of personal information.

Thanks to the high-resolution identity document of the chip, a better resemblance is made and the person is more easily recognized and perceived.


In online applications, NFCRead can be used, for example, as part of the online self-service authentication process for mobile consumer participation for banks. This can be done from home, so there is no need to go to a bank, branch or office or come to the door. Using the smartphone of the consumer / user is sufficient to integrate into your application through NFCRead APIs.


People can verify their identity documents online anytime, anywhere.

By uploading photographs of identity document alternatives, identity documents are verified more securely.

No manual control is required: instant verification and a cost-effective method. The smartphones and identity documents that people carry with them can be used and processed.

NFCREAD takes advantage of the chip
in the passports and ID Cards of individuals.

NFCREAD allows you to intelligently and simply authenticate identities using our new mobile authentication technology. Thanks to the contactless RFID chips and NFC-enabled smartphones, NFCREAD has the following unique features.


The average data acquisition time is 500 ms.


Detects, scans and reads with high sensitivity

Security - KVKK

It doesn't store any information on the devices and works without internet.

Easy Integration

It can be easily integrated into any product with the help of API and SDK.

The NFCRead platform

You have the opportunity to read the new generation ID card and the new generation passports with the NFCREAD mobile Passport reader. Click to see all videos


Download NFCREAD

NFCREAD works without the need for a server, no additional server costs. All operations, scanning and reading steps are done on the device.

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